Young Adult Reader-SYFY

Eons ago, on the planet Regnum, a man appeared on a mountain cliff wearing an environment helmet and robe. He directed the placement of five pound ruby balls in pyramid formations along the edge of the cliff.

In current time, twins, Sarah and Germaine Thompson, perform tricks on their BMX bikes along the Mississippi River walkway until they are confronted by a bike gang. The gang taunts, and then chases the twins. To escape their pursuers, Sarah and Germaine perform a daring leap from an overpass walkway onto a grass hillside. Later, while relaxing in the backyard of an abandoned house, they notice something unusual. They investigate the anomaly and step from the yard into the control room of a spaceship. After their fears are calmed by the mechanical voice of ST1, they request to be taken to George Road Jump Bike Park in New Zealand. ST1 returns the twins to the backyard and gives them a riddle, which if solved will lead them to the ship.

Aboard the ship again, they meet a Watcher by the name of Novo. He has watched them perform bike tricks and has chosen them to observe Prince Ronan during the national trapod race on Regnum. Novo wants to know if the Prince has the strength and wisdom to lead his people against a looming space alien invasion.

To create a believable cover story, Novo creates the appearance of the twins winning a three week all expense paid bike camp. After much thought their mother consents to the twins attending the camp. Rather than camp, Novo and the twins travel to Tabletop Planet, known locally as Regnum. During the trip Novo alters the twin’s DNA making them true Regnums. Sarah and Germaine are taller, stronger, have longhair, red eyes, long slender fingers, and retractable fangs.

The twins are trained to fly the Regnum bike known as a trapod. While practicing on their trapods the twins are observed by Prince Ronan. The twins are invited to a pilot dinner at the royal palace. While speaking with Sarah, at the reception, Prince Ronan senses something special about her. Wanting to learn more about Sarah, the prince invites her to fly with him the next day. Events unfold which lead to a strong bond between Sarah and Prince Ronan. Together, Sarah, Germaine, and Prince Ronan battle to save Regnum from an alien invader.

5 Star Review by Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed By Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite

A perfect read for young adult fans of sci-fi, The Regnum Event by Roger Scouton features a cast of compelling characters, a gripping plot, and a rollicking ride that provides great amusement and excitement for readers. Meet twin bikers Germaine and Sarah Thompson, poised for the biking competition level BMX. The twins are in their final year in high school and could become the pride of their family. But an unplanned meeting with a starship changes everything. The alien, Novo, is wont to watch events around the universe and, from his distant and safe place, positively influence these events. He has been watching the twin bikers and he believes they could have an answer to a problem he’s been thinking about for a while. Perhaps they could be the answer to the impending war in a far off planet where a dying king is about to leave his people in the hands of a son with very little experience in leadership.

Sarah and Germaine are whisked off their biking trail by Novo, who wants them to witness a similar competition in another planet, to observe the prince and determine if he has what it takes to win an interplanetary war. This has to happen within the time frame the kids are supposed to be out biking, so they should be home before their mother suspects anything. But then a lot happens and they are facing more than what they bargained for. The adventure has just begun and it’s a thrill! Roger Scouton’s The Regnum Event is wonderfully crafted and readers will easily connect with the characters. Sarah and her brother, Germaine, are characters that young readers will adore. I loved their courage, the connection they share with each other, and how they evolved through the story. Great prose, a compelling and masterfully developed plot, and exciting action! It was an awesome and satisfying read!



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